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Know Your Library

The library was established way back in the year 1964 with the inception of the college with some books mostly obtained through donations from the founder members. For several years, the library was located in the ground floor with two small rooms at the entrance. However, with the passage of time, as the number of books increased and the library needed more space it has been shifted to the first floor of the new gymnasium building in 2009.

The library is now decorated with spacious shelving area, two separate reading rooms for students and teachers, a reference section and a server room. The whole library is secured with the CCTV surveillance. The library has a vast collection of both text books and reference books, print and online journals and newspapers which help in teaching and learning process of the faculty members and the students of our college. The library has started its automation process with SOUL 2.0 library software which provides access to online catalog (OPAC). (Click here to know more….)

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